Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Layering

I decided that I am going to use the Olympic Rail Fence quilt top from over the summer for my friend's new little guy. I pieced together some lovely fluffy batting for this one and am going to be looking for some green and white flannel for the backing.

Since that project is on hold until I get to JoAnn, I decided that I should also layer the Civil War Quilt so that Park Ranger Boyfriend eventually gets this quilt before he decides that he wants to study youth culture in the late 1970s instead. (Which won't happen, but I digress)

In doing so, I realized that while my living room is juuuuust big enough to layer and baste a queen sized quilt, it is difficult to do so alone.

Here is my pile of batting where I almost gave up:

Then my dirty dishes and my laptop got used to their full potential:

And finally, I unfolded the quilt ever so carefully.

I was really happy to have this extra batting chillin' in my closet. I didn't even realize how BIG this quilt was until I realized that it covers a LOT more of the queen size batting than I ever thought it would.

Now I need to add off-white hand quilting thread to my shopping list too.

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  1. Looks like you're off to a great start on finishing the quilt!


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