Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Sewing

I had a productive morning. I went and got a hair cut, went to the grocery store, and got a few more sets of fabric ready to be sewn into scrappy baskets.

I went to do some lab work this afternoon, while it was nice and quiet, and no one else to deal with. But then I realized that I couldn't do anything. Snap.

So I came home and started sewing. Until I made this:

I even got fancy with outdoor pictures, people.

So here are the stats, because I never stopped to take actual pictures:

World's Fastest Rail Fence:

What you need:
5 - 2.5" strips of green print (center strips)
10 - 2.5" strips of white and tan print (inner strips)
10 - 2.5" strips of brown print (outer strips)

What you do:
Sew one tan strip to each of your green strips. Press.
Sew the other tan strip to the other side of the green strip. Make sure to sew it the same way that you sewed the first one on (ie. green on top vs. tan on top -- this will help prevent you from ending up with a wonky strip set). Press.
Sew brown strips to the outside of your strip sets as above. Press.

Your strip set should end up 10.5" wide. You should make 5 strip sets.
Cross cut each of the 5 strip sets into 4 blocks each at 10.5" wide. NOTE: cutting 4 squares out of your strip set WILL BE TIGHT. If necessary, make sure that your cuts are perpendicular to the seams of the strips by squaring up the end before you cut.

You should end up with 20 blocks that are 10.5" square. Sew together in an array of 4 blocks by 5 blocks.

Now to decide what to do with borders and backing!


  1. Love the new quilt - so cute!! Also, I don't know how long you've had the new blog look (I have hardly done any blog reading at all this whole summer) but I love it too! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Did you get to making your quilt yet? My blog design was updated a few weeks ago -- I won a contest for a blog redesign! :)

  2. Love it, another quilt I want to make...The list is forever growing :)

    1. This one wasn't even ON my list!

  3. That looks like a very satisfying not-too-long project. Well done!

  4. Your new blog design looks fantastic! And great quilt.

  5. Such a great idea for a quick quilt!And it is so nice to meet another scientific crafter:)