Thursday, August 2, 2012


Since I did my marathon sewing, I haven't done a whole lot because Park Ranger Boyfriend came to visit and I had to clean up all of my sewing stuff so he could use the kitchen table for historical research for two days.

I have since recluttered the table in starting to work on my August blocks for my Nubees swap. I have one block done, one block cut out, and two blocks that I am still working on figuring out which fabrics to use. I might have to go buy a quarter yard or so of grey. Not sure yet.

In other blog news, my day on the Let's Get Aquainted blog hop is fast approaching! If you haven't been keeping up, you are missing out! My project that I've been working on is fast, easy, and you can use up scraps of batting.

Plum and June

August 20th also marks the anniversary of starting this blog! (Blogiversary, if you will) So in honor of that and in conjunction with the blog hop and because I have almost 50 followers now (heck yes!) I'm going to do some sort of giveaway to celebrate. If you have ideas let me know!

Also, Pile O' Fabric is hosting a new event: Pin it, Sew it! in order to get us all to actually make use of all of those sewing and crafting pins on Pinterest that we hoard. I know it's not just me!

This weekend, little to no sewing will get done because I'm making a whirlwind trip to Colorado for a college friend's wedding! Hope you all have adventure filled weekends as well!

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  1. So nice of you to clear the table for your boyfriend! I'm afraid I'm the opposite-- I go to visit mine, and I junk up his table with all my sewing stuff. :)


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