Friday, September 25, 2020

Jingle Bell Square {Blocks Are Done!}

I have finished up all of my Jingle Bell Square blocks! I needed to make 6 additional green blocks and 4 additional red blocks to bring me to the 49 total blocks that I needed for the quilt.

My next task is getting fabric to sash the blocks. I had bought some fabric on clearance online when I was ordering other fabric and unfortunately it is NOT going to work -- it is too large scale of a print and takes away from the blocks. I will definitely need something smaller in scale and with less color contrast.

So for now, this project is back on the shelf, but ready to go whenever I get sashing fabric. I have all or nearly all of the QSTs for the pieced borders made (they are the same as the QSTs in the center of each block!) so that won't be a delay in finishing the quilt top. 

I'm also thinking about replacing one of the skinny scrappy borders with a single fabric border since I have some larger pieces of Christmas fabrics left over from some quilt backs that might be big enough to use for some of the borders and binding on this quilt. 

Have you started on any holiday sewing? Or are you like me and have random Christmas projects going all the time?


  1. I don't typically have quilts for a specific holiday, but I do enjoy seeing all the creative and fun ways people use holiday fabrics and colors!

  2. These blocks are super cute!


  3. I've made 2 Christmas projects this year (one quilt, one tree skirt) and neither was close to December! Just how it happened this year, I guess. I do want to make a small turkey quilt to hang on the door before Thanksgiving this year. I hope you find a suitable sashing soon!

  4. I've just pulled fabric for a major Christmas quilt, which definitely won't be done this year! I do have a wallhanging that will finish in time.


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