Monday, June 29, 2020

Chrysanthemum Quilt Top {June Island Batik Project}

This month's theme for the Island Batik Ambassadors is more of a lack of theme! This month we were given free rein to make whatever our quilters' hearts desired!

For my project, I decided to finish a secret sewing project that I had started way back in March! This is the first block that I finished:

One of the reasons this started as a secret sewing project is that I originally planned (and maybe still plan?) for this quilt design to be a quilt along project and potentially a mystery quilt along project. With 2020 being the crazy year it has been, I decided to just finish up this quilt and show it off. I still have plans for it to be a QAL but it might just be next year at this point.

I wrote the quilt pattern originally in three sizes -- a 9 block version, a 16 block version, and a 25 block version -- and this is the 16 block version. I used Ebony Love's Primo line for Island Batik and used multiple prints for each color of the quilt.

This is a large throw and I am currently in the process of quilting it. That *might* not get done before the end of the month tomorrow, so I figured showing off a finished top was a better choice than showing you a quilt that is only 1/3rd of the way quilted. I'll also at some point write a post about how I designed this quilt and tempt you with some alternate colorways in case we do a QAL either later this summer or next spring with this design.

But for now -- happy Monday! 


  1. Pretty! I like this design a lot, and even without your tempting alternate colorways could see this done a lot of different ways. Though I have to say, I really like it with these colors. Good luck with the quilting and I look forward to a QAL whenever that may be.

  2. What a lovely design! I love the colors!

  3. Lovely top! I LOVE Primo! It's so nice and lots of variety!
    If you so it as a QAL next year ... everyone will have forgotten what it looks like and it'll be all new and fresh! (Well, at least I'm speaking for myself!)
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  4. Great design which will be fun to see quilted and in your other colorways! It is a lovely quilt.

  5. I love your quilt top. The colours all work so beautifully together. Enjoy the rest of the finishing process :)

  6. It's very pretty. It will be nice QAL project.


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