Friday, July 27, 2018

The End of the Journey {Traveling Quilt Bee}

Despite it being one of my top WIP priorities for the last few months, it took until last weekend for me to settle on the final free motion quilting motifs and get excited about finishing the quilting on my Traveling Quilt Bee (TQB) quilt.

(Side note, this quilt needs a better name! Maybe something pansy-related given the color scheme?)

When I last posted, I had three sections to go -- two block sections and the border. I had planned to quilt the two block sections with a wood grain motif in one and an echoed daisy-ish motif in the other, and to quilt the border with wishbones. I changed my mind on all three sections!

For the first block section, I did an echoing motif that sort of looks like a sunshine but to me also looks like a fried egg. 

For the final block section, I decided that I wanted to do a sharp stipple (also known as a zipple by some!) instead of another curvy and round design. This is a design that I really enjoy quilting -- I like being able to intertwine the different passes of quilting with the points and echoing.

For the borders, I used a flower meander. I was originally thinking that I might quilt the border with black thread, but I am glad that I decided against it! I think the white flowers popping off the black fabric is fun.

This quilt is now trimmed and ready to be bound!

I initially thought I was going to have to buy something new for the binding, but look what I found in my stash!

I was even able to find out where I got this fabric: I got it while on vacation in 2012! The binding says that it's from In The Beginning fabrics in 2006! The lighter print looks great next to the border, and especially next to the black solid fabric. I cut my binding strips at 2.25" which enabled me to squeak in 8 strips out of my half yard of fabric.

My plan is to sew this to the front and stitch the binding to the backside over the next few days while we have company in town. Hopefully this will be finished by the end of the month so that I can finally cross this off my WIP list!

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  1. Congrats on almost finishing your beautiful quilt and for finding the perfect binding strips, I can't wait to see the "full reveal"!

  2. Look at all that beautiful quilting!

  3. I am in awe of you and your productivity, but seriously a whole quilt with purple would have me flummoxed. It is a difficult color with limited choices. I have yet to find a good purple stripe other than KF. So, in short, IMPRESSIVE.
    Name - Iris Dream or Lilac Lullaby or Wisteria Way. You know, I am so full of names :-p

  4. Great quilting on this piece! I admire that you can do such a nice zipple. That one flumoxes me. Just can't get my hands and brain to agree on where the next line will go. I really like Preeti's name suggestions :)

  5. What perfect fabric to find for the binding. Congratulations on coming up with the last motifs to quilt!

  6. The quilting looks great and you picked a fun binding to go with the rest.


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