Thursday, April 26, 2018

On The Road Home {TQB Quilting Progress}

The time had finally come for me to start the quilting on my Traveling Quilt Bee (TQB) quilt from 2016! When last I posted, the top had been finished and I was mulling ideas for quilting.

I did decide to go with my initial quilting idea of quilting each different person's section with a different free motion filler. There are seven sections on the main body of the quilt not including the black and pieced borders.

The first section I quilted was my original quilt starter, the four star block. I used a simple meander. (Side note: some of these pictures don't show the purple well and/or the background looks cream instead of white -- I took these pictures in less than ideal lighting conditions!)

The next section is an L-shaped section of two medium and five small blocks. I used a curly flower motif through this section.

The next section, which is actually two sections added by the same person, are four larger blocks -- two on each side of the center of the quilt. I quilted loop-de-loops in both of these sections.

Now the center third of the quilt is done! The next four sections are each long rows of blocks across the width of the quilt. My next planned motifs to use are the leafy meander (my new favorite!) and potentially a wood grain motif. My plan is to keep the different motifs "curvy" and since all of the piecing in the quilt is straight.

Happy Thursday! Sharing at NTT!


  1. I love your quilting plan and all the different quilting your are doing.

  2. You're making great progress! It looks beautiful so far, and I'm glad you're doing different designs for each person, that makes it more special!

  3. Very adventurous quilting! Those curly flowers are great!

  4. Super quilting plan! This one will really shine :)

  5. Looking good! Happy stitching this weekend.

  6. That is cheerful and cozy, traditional and fresh, all at once! Great job. Do you think Spring will stick this time? lol


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