Monday, January 8, 2018

On Ringo Lake {Clues #5 and #6}

While the big reveal has taken place, I'm still trudging along with the clues for On Ringo Lake!

With our holiday travels, we were already in Ohio when Clue #5 was released on the 22nd and I didn't take any of my fabrics or tools with me. I did however dig through my mom's scrap bins once we were in Michigan and find some fabrics to add to my On Ringo Lake fabrics.

I did all of the orange and black cutting for Clue #5 on Christmas Day, and did the cutting for Clue #6 on December 29th, but wasn't able to start any of the sewing until this weekend.

I did Clue #6 first, adding the triangles to Clue #4. I still need to trim the dog ears but I am loving how bright these units turned out!

It seemed like Clue #5 went faster than the previous batch of geese that I had made in Clue #2. I trimmed all of these units while we watched football and the Golden Globes last night. Either way, I am now complete through Clue #6!

My goal for this week is to get the goose pairs sewn together for Clue #7 in the evenings so that I can put together my blocks for Clue #8 this coming weekend! I will need to go back and make a few extra units for the sashing and setting, but I believe that I have enough of the necessary units to make the blocks themselves. My version will be 25 blocks on point and end up somewhere around 60 inches square, I estimate.

Check out everyone's ORL updates on the Quiltville blog! Also sharing at Oh Scrap!


  1. Congratulations on catching up and I look forward to seeing how it comes together for you!

  2. I've got to work on mine this week. I'm determined it cannot fall into UFO status! Happy 2018to you, Alison

  3. It is going to be beautiful in your happy-looking fabrics!

  4. I'm trudging right along with you! It's a lot of sewing in a busy time of year. My annual retreat is next week and I hope to knock a lot of the quilt out. I'm loving how your colors are looking together. I won't be long before you have your blocks together!

  5. There were so many clues released so quickly that it was pretty much impossible to keep up. :) Your colour selections look great and you will have a beautiful quilt!


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