Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2018 Goal Setting Party with Quilting JetGirl

It's that time of the year for reviews and resolutions! Today I'm linking up with Quilting JetGirl's annual goal setting party!

2018 Planning Party

But first, let's see what my goals were in 2017!

1. Busting my WIP list -- I finished 5 projects that were on my WIP list this year.
2. Improving my FMQ skills -- I have done lots of FMQ this year!
3. Posting one tutorial per month -- I posted 13 tutorials this year.
4. Host a new QAL --This year I hosted the Christine's Kitchen QAL!
5. Participate in the RSC -- I made blocks each month for my Happy Houses quilt.

I would count all of these but #1 a success. I had a lot of "outside commitments" as far as sewing went this year, and I think that ate up a lot of time that could have been spent on WIPs.

This year my goals are similar but a little more specific.

1. Quilt and finish some of my completed (or nearly completed quilt tops)
This is the corollary to last years #1. I have 5 quilt tops that are complete or nearly complete and these are the WIPs I want to focus on first. I also have two quilts to pick up from the long arm quilter that should be done by year's end.

2. Host a new QAL and improve engagement
I already have the QAL quilt designed in two sizes and made in the smaller size! I also want to expand my QAL reach by partnering with my quilty friends, offering QAL specials in the HBD Etsy shop, and putting together a Facebook group for the QAL. Lots of logisical things to make the QAL more engaging.

3. Say "no" with more frequency.
It's bad when your husband asks if you sew for fun anymore. I still want to keep up my established relationships, but I think I just need to step back how often I commit to blog hops and outside designing. I have a few scheduled things for next year, but I am going to cut back significantly.

These are my goals for this year! Short and sweet and to the point.

Check out everyone's goals at Quilting JetGirl!


  1. Good goals! Somehow my supply of UFOs never seems to decrease, even though I keep working on them. Looking forward to some great things in 2018! Merry Christmas!

  2. Short and sweet can be just the right way to stay focused! I look forward to seeing the quilts you create and finish in 2018. Thank you so much for linking up. :)

  3. I'm looking forward to your QAL! I don't always participate at the time, but I like to go back later and follow the instructions :)

  4. I think you accomplished SO much this year, 5 WIPs is a huge accomplishment. Especially if you kept up with all the other commitments. I've also backed off all commitments outside my own sewing except two for 2018. I think you had a successful year!

  5. You had a wonderfully productive 2017! Saying no is such a good thing, I hope that you get more fun sewing time in 2018!

  6. A realistic set of goals for 2018. Saying no is hard sometimes, especially when it sounds so fun when the opportunity comes open. Good luck with your goals for 2018.

  7. I'm hoping you get more sewing for fun as well.


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