Monday, October 16, 2017

Faceted Friendship Star {Flying Geese Border}

It's time for the pieced border on my Faceted Friendship Star! This is where we're really getting into the "Creative Borders and Binding" theme for our Island Batik Ambassador projects!

Instead of doing a half-square triangle border for this quilt, I decided to make flying geese (with a few HSTs thrown in for good measure, of course) to build a chevron border on my Faceted Friendship Star.

Working with 2.5 inch strips, I decided to use the 2.5 inch squares for my "small squares" and 4.25 inch squares of background as the "large squares" to make all of the fast flying geese for my chevron border. This involved a lot of chain piecing:

...and some football too! Followed by a lot of trimming.

I also needed to make 12 HSTs in addition to my 80 flying geese to make the pieced border work. I randomly pieced the four small squares with each background square so that it would mimic the random HSTs in the friendship star.

Here's a picture of the first side of the border ready to go on:

This is two rows of flying geese/HSTs units. The top/outer row is 10 flying geese units, the bottom/inner row is 9 flying geese units with a HST on each end. The top row has the geese pointing in and the bottom row has the geese pointing out.

I added the border pieces to the top and bottom of the quilt first.

The side borders are slightly longer, as you might expect! The outer row has 10 flying geese and a background square and HST on each end. The inner row has 11 flying geese with a HST on each end.

With the units arranged in this way, you end up with a continuous chevron border that looks like you've made it from HSTs, but is actually made of flying geese -- with a lot less piecing and bulk!

Here's the final quilt top:

Now to quilt and bind this quilt! It's currently 36.5 inches square and I am excited to start working on finishing it!

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  1. Very creative way to get a scrappy border with fewer seams. I like how the HSTs in the corners continue the design and make it a continues loop.

  2. I love how your border turned out!!! I also like the turquoise with the browns. Kind of southwestern.

  3. Very cool! I love the controlled scrappiness of it with the blue and brown color scheme.

  4. Cool!! Love the colors and the border is awesome!!!

  5. Alison, you are so clever to create that interesting border and what perfect points!

  6. Gorgeous border! It is small piecing.

  7. Wow! Love this quilt and how the borders turned out!

  8. This is one of my favourite borders, (favourite no-waste flying geese method too) and it frames your faceted start to perfection! Love the football shot :-)

  9. Love the border! It makes a great frame for the star.


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