Monday, September 11, 2017

Scrappy Therapy {September Stash Bee}

For September, Amanda from Fabric Engineer is our Queen Bee in the Stash Bee. She requested super scrappy improv blocks that she plans to use as the building blocks of a chevron quilt! This was very exciting to me because my scrap bag (aka my "bag of shame") doesn't zip closed anymore!

Sewing the pieces and parts together for these blocks was so theraputic - sew, press, trim, sew, press, trim! I used my 12" cutting board as a guide -- once my piece was big enough to almost cover the center, I trimmed to Amanda's requested size of 9 inches square. I ended up making four blocks:

Despite my good intentions of making a sizable dent in my scrap bag, it is still remarkably full, but the bag does close now! It's fun to look at these blocks and pick out some of the notable fabrics from particular projects -- some of which I made over four years ago!

Just for fun here's a few of the finished quilts making cameos in these blocks:
Racing Rails
Clover Sunshine
Anything Goes Mini
Little Firecrackers
Favorite Frames
Candy Shop

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  1. Those are sure a great way to use those little scraps. Very cute finished blocks with lots of possibilities!

  2. These are great scrap blocks! I am always amazed how using so many for blocks like theses don't seem to help reduce the pile...

  3. Love your blocks! I may have to try my hand at some of those. My scraps are out of control!

  4. I love those sorts of crumb blocks! Yours are so bright and fun :)

  5. Such cute blocks. I really like all the angles.

  6. Love these blocks and have always wanted to make some but fear they are a bit time consuming. Are they?

  7. A true scrappy quilt in the making.

  8. Fun blocks! Your bee mate is going to have a very scrappy quilt from all those blocks.


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