Monday, September 18, 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2017 {Entry #1: Clover Sunshine Sampler}

I am so excited that the Blogger's Quilt Festival is BACK and back in its original form! Please visit Amy's Creative Side to see all of the entries (all in one place!)

For my first entry, I decided to share my Clover Sunshine Sampler quilt. This was sitting as a WIP on a shelf for a very, very long time and I finally buckled down and got it quilted in June of this year.

As indicated by the name, all of the prints used in this quilt are from a fat eighth bundle of Alison Glass's Clover Sunshine line. Most of the blocks used in this quilt were featured as tutorials on my blog during a quilt along in Summer 2014

You can read a little bit about my process of starting to quilt this quilt here, and quilting this baby in the way that I envisioned took a lot of patience and quilt wrangling. The further I moved out from the center, the easier and easier quilting this quilt became as far as moving the quilt. It is about 70 inches square -- so a rather large throw -- so working on the center blocks was rather difficult. Finally getting to the edges was cause for celebration!

I didn't count the rings or sew my spirals to a particular width or size -- I mostly just kept continuing the spiral until it filled in the "nooks" left by my previous spirals. The spirals don't equally overlap because the blocks are not perfectly arrayed in the quilt. I also had to add in a few "tiny spirals" along the edges to fill in some open spaces as well, as you can see in the pictures above and below. This quilt had the most threads to bury of any quilt I have quilted to date.

Here's a picture of the backing (major kudos to Park Ranger Husband for being willing to put shoes on to help me take these pictures):

My diagonal strips all go in the same direction and almost nearly match at the seams! It has a beautiful texture. I added in the pink half yard of Summersault from my stash since my quilt math was ever so slightly off on the small side when I ordered my backing fabric. Whoops.

For the binding, I had just enough of my white backing fabric! It has a different sort of look having a lighter binding with a slightly darker quilt. I sewed the binding by machine to the front and hand stitched it to the backing.

Quilt Stats:
Name: Clover Sunshine Sampler (click here for more posts)
Fabrics: Clover Sunshine by Alison Glass, Champagne Kona used for background
Size: 70 inches square
Quilting: One extra large spiral per block, overlapping (with a few extra arches near the edges!)
Started: Spring 2014
Finished: June 2017

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my quilts! Don't forget to visit the Blogger's Quilt Festival for all of the lovely quilts! You can visit my second entry here!


  1. This is such a happy quilt, Alison! The interaction of the quilting between each block is a favorite detail. :)

  2. I too appreciate the simpler format of this year's QBF. Congratulations on finishing up this UFO.

  3. What a fun sampler! I like how all of the blocks fit well with each other.

  4. Stunning!! All the colours are so lovely - thanks for sharing!

  5. I love how happy this quilt is!Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Always feels good to finish off a long term project. The quilting looks great.

  7. The spiral quilting is so fabulous! I've been nervous to try the method because of the "patience and quilt wrangling" you speak of! Ha! The look is definitely worth it though! Yours looks amazing!

  8. Oh, that is a wonderfully sunny quilt. Thanks for sharing it. I'd love to see it in person somewhere.

  9. I really love the quilting on this one! Perfect touch!

  10. Doesn't it feel great to get those old WIPs finished? I love all of the beautiful blocks!

  11. Just love this quilt and the different squares...lots of work but tons of fun!

  12. This is such a fun quilt, Allison! Pretty colors, a great variety of blocks, and I love the quilting! It's really beautiful!

  13. It's a beautiful quilt. Love the concentric circle quilting, it's a nice accent to the quilt. Congrats on a gorgeous finish.

  14. This is beautiful. I love the circular quilting. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love, love, LOVE the spiral quilting you did on this one, Alison!!


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