Friday, June 9, 2017

Coast to Coast Traveling Bee {Month #4}

This month for the Coast to Coast Traveling Bee, I got my blocks done especially early! I made blocks this month for Chelsea, and she requested the blocks be built around a set of Alison Glass charms from a fabric swap.

She also listed "New Hampshire" as an inspiration and I decided that I would do some research and find a New Hampshire quilt block. In doing some searching, I decided to do one state block for each of our participants!

Here are all of my blocks:

Some of the patterns I used exactly as the original pattern, some of the patterns I adapted the sizes to be able to make better use of the charm squares included.

Maryland: adapted from 50 State Blocks, sized up from 12" finished to 20" finished.

Pennsylvania Parade: from Block Central. 12" finished

California: from Quilters' Cache, 12" finished.

Martha Washington Star: own tutorial, sized up from 12" finished to 14" finished

New Hampshire Star: from Quilter's Cache, 12" finished

Texas Tears: From Civil War Quilts - Barbara Brackman, sized up from 8" finished to 9" finished.

These are already on their way to Audrey! It's hard to believe that the next quilt I work on will be the last one before my quilt comes back to me! Summer just finished her additions to my quilt and I absolutely love it!

Happy Friday! I am off to Wisconsin for a wedding this weekend! :)


  1. I really like your idea to make blocks for the states of the participants! I hope you have a great time this weekend. And whaaaat? Only one more quilt to work on in this bee? Crazy!!

  2. Love the idea of the state blocks! The Texas Tears is one I've seen recently. A member of a local bee is moving up to the Seattle area, and we all made blocks for her and incorporated them into a nifty bag that she can tote her projects around in! One of the ladies made that Texas Tears block. I just love the color combo you used - bright and bold - that's Texas!

  3. I LOVE that you used state blocks. It's pretty fabulous. These blocks are so fun all together. I'm really excited to add to this and see what C does with all of them! :)


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