Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pinwheel Pals {Moda Bake Shop}

Today I'm back at Moda Bake Shop sharing a brand new pattern -- Pinwheel Pals -- which allows you to make two baby quilts out of a single layer cake!

I'm honestly not much of a layer cake person but this pattern is a good way to use one up (or at least most of one!) and stretch the fabric a little bit further. These quilts use Lily and Will Revisited, a new spin on their original Lily and Will fabrics -- both of which I absolutely love because they include bunnies in the fabrics! I mean, my blog is Little Bunny Quilts -- could there be a better fabric match?

I separated out the mainly pink and mainly blue fabrics from one another and then split the grey fabrics between the two quilts. The backing of both quilts is the same grey and white print.

With the quilts being the same pattern, I decided to quilt each one slightly differently. For the pink quilt, the center sashing is squiggles, the pinwheel blocks are loops, the middle border is curls, and the outermost pieced border is loops.

For the blue quilt, the center sashing is loops, the pinwheel blocks have meandering only in the print fabric, the middle border is loops, and the outermost pieced border is squiggles only in the print fabric.

For each quilt I used the plaid fabric in that particular color for the binding. These quilts finish at 48 inches, but you skipped the outermost pieced border, the quilt would be 40 inches square.

For the first time in a long time, I actually don't have a list of babies to make quilts for currently! Hopefully that means I can work on WIPs for a while and use these two quilts for the next boy and next girl that come along.

Hop on over to Moda Bake Shop to check out the full tutorial for this pattern!


  1. Oh snap! It must be amazing to have backup baby quilts waiting in the wings. (And super cute ones at that!) :)

  2. lovely and make great baby quilts

  3. Such cute little quilts! I like making baby quilts between larger projects. They give me a break and work up quickly. I have several baby quilts just waiting for little bundles of joy. :)


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