Friday, May 5, 2017

Gathering Mystery {Week 4}

Despite the fact that the Week 7 (!!!) directions come out today, I have only just finished Week 4 which seemed to take forever, mainly owing to the fact that I am a crazy person and decided to make the Queen sized quilt.

For Week 4, our assignment was to make two different square-in-a-square units. I had to make 64 of one of the units and 40 of the other. I spent a lot of evenings pressing and trimming dog ears while I watched baseball. And of course, LOTS of chain piecing.

Another thing that took quite a while was meticulously keeping all of my directional prints in the same direction. While it didn't really matter for my blocks on the left because all of the side triangles are my background fabric, the blocks on the right were a different story.

All of the units have the green zig zag fabric going in the same direction as well as the day lily print going from upper left to lower right. That took a bit of planning and made me glad that I didn't cut my green squares into triangles until I knew what I was doing with them.

Even though this was a little fussy, I am EXTREMELY glad that I swapped the green zig zag and the orange day lily from their original assignments in my fabric pull because these units are definitely better as a result. The orange day lily print would have gotten SO chopped up and wouldn't get to shine like it does in these units.

For Week 5 we are making "half snowball units" -- meaning that we're starting with squares and adding stitch and flip corners to two of the four corners. I have all of my diagonal lines drawn on my squares, but I need to just find the time to do the stitching.

For Week 6, we are making "house units" which is essentially a half square-in-a-square unit. I haven't drawn the lines on these fabrics yet.

And of course Week 7 gets published today!

Want to join in with me? Pop on over to Cora's Quilts to find out more! Don't forget to pop on over to my last post to enter to win some yummy Island Batik fabrics!


  1. I can't wait to see how the mystery comes out! I love all your colors!

  2. That's a lot of blocks! Sounds like you are getting caught up. Looking foward to watching this one come together.


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