Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Coast to Coast Traveling Bee {Month #2}

It's time to share what I've added onto the second Coast to Coast Traveling Bee quilt that I have been working on! This month I have been working on Summer's quilt.

As soon as I saw this quilt (even before it was shipped to me!) I had an idea of what I wanted to do for this quilt. I immediately thought of the Sky Rocket blocks that I had made last year for Nela's quilt in the other traveling quilt bee I participated in -- here's the quilt when I added the blocks, the six on the left side.

For this quilt, I decided that I wanted to add a row of blocks on both the top and the bottom of Summer's quilt. My problem was that the width of the quilt was a slightly odd given the size of the blocks (or really any normally sized blocks) because it was 45 inches across.

These are all paper pieced blocks (you can find the pattern here at the Quilter's Cache) that are 9 inches unfinished (8.5 inches finished) with the original directions. Instead of trying to resize the blocks, I cut the outermost edge pieces a quarter inch larger so that I could trim them down once I did some final calculations as well as to have fresh edges when I went to put the blocks together. The points on the blocks don't actually touch one another but I think that looks better than adding tiny strips of spacers in between these blocks.

Here are the paper pieced nine patch sections laid out on the background fabric (all of the fabric is from my stash!):

I made ten blocks -- five for each row. 

The final piece turned out so pretty, it's so tempting to keep all of these quilt tops for myself. :)

This will be on its way to Audrey up in Pennsylvania this afternoon! I've already received my next assignment to work on Karen's quilt! I haven't yet opened up the box because I have so many WIPs currently floating around in my sewing space!

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  1. Hi Alison, your addition really looks lovely. I enjoy reading about round robin projects. We are just starting one of our own so I am looking forward to that too. =)

  2. Replies
    1. Meant that the jewel blocks are neat. And I really like the blocks you added to the round robin.

  3. Those blocks are gorgeous and the quilt top laid out is stunning! xx

  4. Adding to a round robin quilt takes a bit of ingenuity. This is looking wonderful!

  5. I really like how your blocks look with the rest of the quilt. I am getting ready to start a round robin with some offline friends. They are lots of fun!

  6. This is SO much fun. I've started my plotting for this one, but I think I need a bit more of a think before I take it further! :)

  7. Definitely a lot of WOW! factor with your additions!

  8. You are so brave, a round robin is something I have never done, scary. You picked a great block to add to it, it works wonderfully well.


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