Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Traveling Quilt Bee: Month #6

This is the last month of The Traveling Quilt Bee for my group! It has been a very fun process and an extremely well run bee -- thank you hosts!

For this last month, I had Lee's quilt. Her quilt was nature-themed in rainbow colors with scrappy low volume backgrounds. I was a little stumped at first with what to add but I knew that I wanted to get this one done over the long weekend so it was off my plate before I need to shift into "MOVE ALL THE THINGS" mode. (PS. Don't forget to check out my quilts for sale!)

The first blocks I added were six bird blocks in rainbow colors in some of my favorite fabrics. The pattern is from the Block Lotto and it was a really fun scrappy block to make! I trimmed my blocks down slightly from the pattern so that they would fit along the length of the quilt.

Here is my little flock:

I really like that the legs are all different! It gives them a little more personality. My favorites are the yellow and the blue birds -- what do you think?

Deciding on the second section to add was MUCH harder, but I ultimately decided to go with the Garden Snail block by Pen and Paper Patterns after seeing all of the cute snails on Instagram recently!

I made seven little snails:

I just love these little guys! I am so glad I broke down and bought the pattern because now I want to make lots of little snails. It was so awesome to be able to use all scraps for these blocks!

Here's the quilt all put together before I mailed it off to its home:

Isn't it gorgeous?!?!?!?! As of right now, this quilt is 49 inches wide and 54 inches long.  It will be fun to see how Lee finishes her quilt and see all of the finished quilts back with their owners! I don't have a picture yet of my quilt to show (sad!) but I am excited to get it back very soon! Hopefully when I get back my quilt, I will be able to share pictures of all six of the quilts.

Happy Wednesday! Sharing at Let's Bee Social and Needle and Thread Thursday!


  1. I'm not a huge "animals on quilts/fabric" fan but this is adorable! Your snails and birds are the perfect addition!

  2. What a happy quilt top to send back to Lee; your additions work perfectly.

  3. What an interesting quilt this is, Alison. You are a magic piecer, gal.

  4. How much fun is that!! If I was Lee, I'd be excited, excited, excited!!

  5. Love it! That is so cute. I am sure that Lee will be amazed.

  6. Wow, great combination of blocks. Love those little envelope blocks tucked in the center. Is there a traditional pieced pattern for those?

  7. What a happy quilt. Everyone did a great (and creative) job on this one. A very nice bee challenge.

  8. Your additions re fabulous - the quilt is looking amazing. And how addictive are the little snails!! I never imagined I'd want a snail quilt, but I do! They're so cute and so easy and so fun. I just want to keep making them! :-D
    E xx

  9. so much to see on this lovely quilt, no plans for 2017 but think I should promise myself to learn FPPing this year as these birds are oh so cute

  10. The birds and snails were the perfect addition! That's such a fun quilt.

  11. Very pretty! I love your flock of birds!


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