Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Brutal Honesty {WIPs - January 2017}

It's time to share my progress on my behemoth WIP list. As a refresher, I had five 5 December goals (click to see my whole Brutal Honesty December WIP post) and here's how those 5 projects progressed:

1. Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016 Farmer's Wife
Completed! This was the first project I worked on after establishing my official list. I completed my goal of completing the top and I will hopefully be quilting this soon.

2. Traveling Quilt Bee 2016
Mostly Completed! My previous top was mailed and I received the final top on December 20th. I was able to plan out what I will be doing (bird blocks on one side, fish on another) but haven't done any sewing yet.

3. Coast to Coast Bee
Completed! You can see my post here. I also have received the first quilt for me to work on in January/February and have started plotting on what to make.

4. Summer Solstice
Completed but not posted yet! This will be posted later this week!

5. Stash Bee Star quilt
Not completed. I didn't work on this one at all. This goes to the list for January.

Here are two projects that were not on my December list that I also worked on:

1. Top Spin leaders and enders:
Status: I sewed through all of the HSTs that I had cut in the midst of working on my Farmer's Wife quilt. I also cut more pink and green squares and they are paired ready to be sewn.

2. Leftover 12 inch bee blocks:
Status: I gave six of these away! Hooray!

Here are the projects that I didn't touch in December:

1. Meadow Mystery QAL
2. Pineapple Stash Bee Blocks
3. Summer on the Coast Quilt
4. Monthly Wall Hangings
5. Allison Glass Sampler Quilt
6. Sew Kitschy Blocks
7. Romantic Garden Quilt
8. Mini Monthly Wall Hangings
9. Wild Houses blocks
10. Birthstone blocks
11. Other WIPs to be added to the list: None!

Since it's already January 10th, I'm only going to pick three easier things to accomplish this month:

1. Traveling Quilt Bee Quilt: Add to Lee's quilt and mail
2. Star Stash Bee Quilt: Finish FMQ and bind
3. Coast to Coast Bee: Add to Susan's Quilt and mail

Happy Tuesday! Wish me luck on my new set of goals!


  1. your farmers wife rainbow quilt is gorgeous! You must be delighted with it. Does it get harder to top ourselves each year? gg

  2. Holy bat man, that's a lot of WIPs! But it looks like you've got a clear plan of attack. Good luck!

  3. You got a lot done in Decmeber. Good luck with your goals for January.


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