Friday, December 9, 2016

Meadow Mystery {December}

My December Meadow Mystery QAL blocks were quick and easy to put together since we were just making 9 blocks out of the units we had made in the previous months. Much less trimming than previous months, too!

Here's block #1 --

...block #3 --

... and finally block #4 --

Here are all of this month's blocks put together for fun:

There are still lots of pieces and units that we haven't sewn at all or haven't sewn into blocks just yet! We had previously made block #6 in September, so we will find out soon (hopefully!) what is in store for blocks #2 and #5.

The blocks we made this month didn't use any of our fabric A (my magenta ziggy stripe) or our fabric D (my purple floral), so I'm guessing those might make an appearance again in January!

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  1. How fun! I keep seeing everyone's blocks and thinking I need to sew mine together. I'll go print out the instructions, at least then it will be in my sewing room to remind me to work on it!

  2. Good Morning Alison! Your blocks look great. So great, in fact, that I had to go and do some investigating and find out a lot of the details. The exciting detail that I discovered is that she keeps her Mysteries available for quilters to access and use for at least a year if not longer. So, that will have to be my choice for now! Yet, thank you so much for sharing your blocks and information about your adventures in the Mystery Quilt. Have a fantastic creative day!

  3. I'm finally here to see your blocks. It's so interesting to see this done with a patterned background. Much warmer looking than with my solids. I love your arrangement of the block three blocks.

  4. Looking good Alison! Beautiful colors and fabrics!

  5. Your blocks turned out beautifully. I'm behind, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what we get to put together in January.


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