Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lemon Zest {RSC October 2016}

I have now completed all of my yellow Farmer's Wife blocks! Hooray!

#92- Streak of Lightning, #96 - Tulip, #97 - Waste Not
#98 - Waterwheel, #99 - WCTU

My favorite out of this bunch is definitely the Waste Not block. I even used fabric left over from my most recent Moda Bake Shop Quilt as the background.

Here's my whole collection of yellow blocks:

I was worried about a few of these being rather light, but I think in the grand scheme of the whole quilt they will work nicely.

I have also managed to complete 4 of the last 12 blocks that need to be made. I decided to make 1-2 more blocks in each color. Thus far I have made a blue, a brown, a purple, and an orange.

#100 - Weathervane, #101 - Wedding Ring
#102 - Whirlpool, #103 - Whirlwind

I have been going through some of my "newer" scraps to make these blocks so that they won't repeat too much from the previous group of colored blocks. I had a little mishap with my brown Wedding Ring block and had to sub in some solid brown after I ran out of my brown print. It's a little more subtle in person than it is in the picture, so I can live with it.

I only have eight more blocks to go until I am done with all 111 blocks! Wow! Doing this as part of the rainbow scrap challenge has been a great choice to manage the blocks and not get overwhelmed in making them, so if you are looking for a project for next year's RSC, I would recommend the Farmer's Wife blocks!

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  1. 111 blocks - that WOULD be overwhelming to make them one right after the other. Like the scrappy mix you have created.

  2. Lots of fun blocks this week. One of my favorite things about the rainbow scrap challenge is that you can stretch out the work over the course of a year and not get overwhelmed.

  3. Great job. What a great group of blocks you have after many months of working.

  4. Congratulations on getting so close to your goal! Your yellow blocks are sunny and fun! I like the new blocks you've made, too. I think my favorites are Weathervane and Whirlpool.

  5. You are so close! It's hard to believe you only have 8 blocks to go. :)

  6. Great-looking yellow blocks! I like seeing your take on these (mostly) traditional blocks using modern fabrics.

  7. Congratulations on your FW blocks finish. It will be equally fun to see them come together in a quilt top...something I am wishing would happen to my stack of blocks. Over a year now just debating on what to use for sashing et al.

  8. A lot more pretty finished blocks. You are going to get all 111 blocks made. You go girl!

  9. Doing this as part of the RSC was a wonderful idea. I might have to do that next year since my FW has been a UFO for far toooo long.


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