Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer Solstice {Finished Blocks}

After another busy weekend involving over 20 hours in the car over the course of four days, I was finally  able to get back to my sewing machine last night. 

I got working on my Summer Solstice QAL to finish putting together my blocks. I had sewn together the "parts" of the bigger block before our trip two weeks ago and they had been sitting and waiting to be finished. These went together extremely easily for being 24 inch finished blocks with over 50 units in each!

I chose to do the four block layout; here are all four of my blocks together.

Next, I will be working on the sashing and borders to finish up the top, which should be relatively simple but I don't think I have quite enough of my background fabric to sash as the pattern. I have extra of both floral fabrics that I used and I have another yard of a black print that I didn't cut into yet.

For some reason, this fabric (which is definitely mottled) looks more mottled in these pictures and in the blocks than it did as uncut yardage. Hopefully that doesn't take away from the pattern of the blocks!

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  1. I definitely don't think it takes away. It looks like it has so much depth!

  2. I can still see the design! I actually quite like the mottled fabric and think it draws you in for a closer look. :)

  3. It looks gorgeous!!! Glad they all came together for you quickly ;) Way to get those blocks all pieced up!! So pretty!!! And how fun would it be to have the white or black sashing ;) Can't wait to see how you choose to sash it up ;)

  4. The blocks are so pretty ♥

  5. Very pretty colors. And the circles in the centers look so perfectly neat! Great work!

  6. I love these blocks. Can hardly wait until you have them sashed and together.

  7. I think the pattern is just fine, the use of the black-ish print stands out really well, nice block!

  8. Replies
    1. Your blocks turned out beautifully. Hopefully things will settle down and you can get back to sewing more.


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