Friday, June 3, 2016

Ocean {RSC 2016}

It's the beginning of the month which means there is a new color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! Our assigned color this month is aqua with lime green accents. In January, the color was true blue and so I separated my blue scraps into true blue and aqua/teal piles so I was already ready to go for this month.

My piles of light, medium, and dark aquas and teals aren't too frightening.

I don't have a ton of lights, so I will probably have a few blocks with darker backgrounds. My mediums pile is double the size of the dark pile and triple the size of the light pile, so that's where I'll be focusing my attentions.

I was able to get the first six blocks together relatively quickly over the last two days, so potentially I'll be able to squeeze in some of my blue birthstone blocks this month too!

Here are the six that I have done so far:

#56 - Maple Leaf, #57 - Morning, # 58 - Mother's Dream
#59 - Night and Day, #60 - Noon and Light, #61 - Northern Lights

As you can see, other than the Night and Day block, these were pretty simple to put together. I think my favorite out of this bunch is the Noon and Light block -- what about you? Can you spot the little koalas on the maple leaf block?

Have a wonderful weekend! Sharing at Scrap Happy Saturday! 


  1. Teal is such a fun color to work with. You got some very pretty blocks from your scraps.

  2. You have a nice start on your blue blocks.

  3. What a lovely selection of AQUA prints!!

  4. Those are all pretty in the new June colors! I like the Noon and Light block the best, too - the yellow is so pretty in it!

  5. Your blocks are beautiful! Some day, I'm going to have a maple leaf quilt. :)

  6. I think my favourite is the middle block in the upper row. Love the wavy stripes in the centre.

  7. I always enjoy seeing your blocks and drooling over your fabrics! I'm intrigued by the prints in Night & Day.

  8. Yep I saw the koalas, always had a thing for them, did a report on them in grade 4. Love the Maple Leaf, too being Canadian ;-) I have to say I am happy about June's colours!


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