Monday, May 16, 2016

May is for Makers {Week 3: Sugar Blossoms by Little Louise Designs}

It's week 3 of May is for Makers!

May Is For Makers |
After my first two weeks where I picked patterns where I had fabric bundles/precuts in my stash that work well with each, I decided this week to pick something that could potentially work with scraps or a more random assortment of fabrics from my stash.

This pattern by Little Louise Designs caught my eye for lots of reasons -- one of them being that it is fun and bright. It's been rainy and dreary here in Maryland for what seems like weeks (although the sun is peaking out right now!) and I've been itching for some sunshine in my life.

I am strongly leaning towards this being a scrappy quilt (and potentially a scrappy baby quilt, because I always have to be prepared!) but also think this could be AMAZING adapted into some sort of a rainbow quilt!

So share with me: Are you a fabric before the pattern, or a pattern before the fabric kind of shopper? Or does it really depend? For me, it really depends, but more often than not I buy fabric before I know what I am going to specifically do with it.

Happy Monday!


  1. I am typically a pattern before fabric shopper slightly more often than the other way around. :)

  2. I feel like if I buy fabric without a plan, I never wind up actually using it. I always seem to be waiting for the right project. I'm trying to change this, but it's hard! :)

  3. I have done both, but usually I buy for a pattern. I do like scrap quilts, so it is nice to have a stash. Right now I am making a wall quilt for our oldest grandchild who has just finished her jr. year at the University of Alabama. The quilt has an elephant made from a mixture of red fabrics on a grey background. I had the pattern and then bought the fabric. I have another pattern for a lap quilt that has a big "A" on it. I will be buying fabric for that, and will make it for a graduation gift. Nancy A:

  4. That is a really fun pattern. Sometimes the fabric dictates the pattern and sometimes the pattern dictates the fabric. So I go both ways depending upon how things strike me.


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