Friday, March 4, 2016

Collected Stash Bee Blocks

I can finally show you all of my received Stash Bee blocks from when I was Queen Bee in January!

Drum roll please...

Aren't they all just darling?

Now I have the tough decision on how to put this top together. I have 15 blocks and the arrangement shown above gives a slightly wider than square setting which could easily be remedied to be square with some variations in sashing width. If I add a block  and go 4x4, it ends up really long and narrow.

What do you think? I'm in desperate need of some input so I would love to think what you think!

Happy Friday!


  1. The blocks work so well together! I would personally go for long and narrow, but it also feels like it might be fun with some colored outer borders, which might help bring it up to size? Good luck choosing what works best for you. :)

  2. Totally adorable blocks! I would play with all kinds of settings and negative space! If you go with sashing, it might be fun to incorporate the green HST units somehow, maybe as the posts, or as a border around the outside...obviously many fun options! Such a cute block choice!!!

  3. Do you want the blocks all lined up in rows? If you staggered the blocks you could get extra length and then use sashing to create extra width.

    I guess the first thing you would have to decide is how big you really want the quilt to become.

    I love the blocks!

  4. you could make 5 more blocks for the bottom. You could use white and add length between each row and leave the width as is. If you add more color it would detract from the "pineappleness" you currently have. in this case i would bind in white, which i rarely ever do (i haven't yet). will it be used or displayed?


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