Monday, January 4, 2016

New {Bee} Year

The start of a new year brings the start of so many new things -- including a new year for bees! This is my FOURTH year participating in the Stash Bee, third year as hive mama, and second year as bee mama!

Stash Bee 2016

For my month as queen bee, I decided that I wanted my hive mates to make me pineapple blocks -- not pineapple log cabins, but fruity pineapples. I actually collect pineapple "stuff" -- ornaments, candle holders, wine stoppers, etc.

The block I requested is sort of a combination of two tutorials (here and here) but it ends up looking more like the second Dear Stella block but not quite so tiny!

For fabrics, I told my hive mates to feel free to go scrap-tastic but stay away from any large prints, since the squares are a maximum of 2 inches when finished. I found that small to medium scale prints or tonals worked best for me. Here's my fabric pull:

For background, I requested a bright white fabric (not off white!)-- a solid or a white on white print is preferred. I used medium-to-dark olive greens, but use whatever looks good together from your own stash. I used all different shades of yellow, but stay away from anything with large amounts of colors that aren't yellow.

Now onto the tutorial!

16 - 2.5 inch yellow squares
2  - 3 inch yellow squares
4 - 3 inch green squares
2 - 2.5 inch background squares (not pictured)
4 - 3 inch background squares (I accidentally put 5 in this picture, you need 4!)

Pair your 3 inch squares together as follows to make half square triangles:
Yellow + white  -- make two
Green + white -- make two
Green + green -- make one -- use two contrasting greens!

Trim each HST to 2.5 inches.

You will end up with:
4 - yellow and white HSTs
4 - green and white HSTs
2 - green and green HSTs

Lay out your 2.5 inch squares as shown below.

I found it easiest to sew my squares into rows of four first.

I then ironed each row in opposite directions so that it was easy to match the seams (which there are a lot of!). Sew your rows together.

Ta da! I've already seen two finished blocks and they are SO cute! I cannot wait to see them all together. 

Happy new year to you! :)


  1. This block is so darn cute! The different shades of green and yellow really make it. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I had no idea that you weren't always the hive mama. You learn something new everyday. :) And I love your pineapple block!

  4. That's going to be a fun quilt when you get all the blocks assembled.


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