Friday, September 11, 2015

Slicing Up

Since last I posted, the number of baby quilts that I have on my list has now increased to five between now and March. I figured I better start cracking on them now.

Since I know at least one will be a boy, I decided to start cutting on a boy quilt this week in the evenings.

I also decided to use Chelsea's new pattern, Picnic Pinwheels. It is free on Craftsy right now!

My quilt will be the same set up as the one above (the baby size version) and I'm going to be using the second set of fat quarters of the baby boy sock monkey fabric that I got last summer!

Here's all of my star parts all cut out!

My goal is to make one star every day over the next two-ish weeks so that I'll be able to get this one finished up and set aside by the end of September! If the baby due in two weeks is a boy, I'll be all set! If not, I'll just have to start a girl quilt -- oh darn!

Happy Friday!


  1. That's a lot of quilts! Good luck! I love Chelsea's new pattern and have saved it. Definitely plan on making it soon.

  2. liking this picnic pinwheel quilt, thank for the link for the pattern another one now on the to do list. Hope to turn my row quilt flimsy into a quilt next week, so enjoyed making it with you

  3. What a fun pattern. Your version is going to look great with the fabrics you've chosen.


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