Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Halloween Mini Swap Progress

When last I posted about my Halloween Mini Swap project, it looked like this:

I realized that the black background was limiting with what I wanted to do, so I ripped that apart and found a different background entirely.

And I spent most of my Sunday constructing this:

I am so in love with how this turned out! My partner said she liked animals, so I thought a frog and black cat were perfect! Doesn't the texture background look so much better than the black??

The cat pattern I found here and modified it slightly -- no side pieces and made the tail skinnier so it ended up 8" instead of 8.5".

The wrapped candy is two QSTs and a plain square!

Now let's talk about this frog.

I searched and searched for a cute frog pattern. And then I had a CRAZY idea. For those of you that get Quiltmaker magazine, this issue's Patch Pal is a frog. I took that pattern and miniaturized it. Each square in the pattern became 1/2 inch finished in my frog. I did eliminate the feet and tongue from the pattern because I'm not THAT crazy.

Now I just need to do some hand embellishment -- whiskers and eyes for my kitty and a mouth and eyes for my frog/witch.

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  1. Wow! You are creative. Super Cute!

  2. so sweet, she's going to love it. I do love the modified background!

  3. Cute! I'm starting to see more and more fall projects and it's making me look forward to cooler weather and fall treats. Thanks for sharing your project with us- I agree that the crosshatch background is a better choice than the black.

  4. Great job with modifying the patterns. Super cute mini!


  5. I really like your black cat - a change in background really did open up the possibilities.


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