Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIP Wednesday: The One With All the HSTs

In the wake of finishing my Lazy Sunday quilt, I thought I might as well start on another queen sized quilt for myself. Sound logic, right?

I actually received this fabric as a birthday gift a long while back (aka before I started this blog!) and spent a long time looking for the right pattern for it.

(I will update this with a better picture when I get home -- this is an old, old picture!)

So rather than being nautical, mine will be a romantic garden quilt. I did realize that the red in the fabric set I had was too true red -- all of the rest of the fabrics have a ruby red/dark pink and so I'm going to go on a search to find something to replace it. I will probably look for another tonal, but I don't think I am going to use it in the "body" of the quilt.

So this is where I am with my progress:

In the effort of trying to be a good wife, I decided that I would do all of the initial cutting and sewing of my HSTs and QSTs this past weekend while my husband was at work and that this week in the evenings I would iron and trim them and not have to interrupt Criminal Minds with the sound of the sewing machine. (Priorities.)

Really, no matter what order I make the HSTs, they all need trimmed and pressed. I was able to cut all of the starting squares for all of my HSTs (almost 200 of them!) and my QSTs and get them sewn into their pairs.

Last night I got the first combination (pink + green florals) cut apart and pressed.

There's 104 HSTs between those two piles! (And for me to trim tonight and tomorrow!) It's funny how the first part of the pile is neatly stacked and then as you get further and further along the pile gets more and more disastrous.

I'm fully intending this to be a longer-term project just so that I can pace myself with all of the HSTs and QSTs. Since this is for me, there's no deadline and so it'll take as long as it takes.

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  1. Fabulous pattern.Happy sewing!

  2. Ooh, like your notecards for the piles of block pieces! I may have to try that and see if it works for me. Glad you're getting to work on something fun for yourself!

  3. Will enjoy seeing the progress as it happens. I think this is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  4. Woohoo, good luck!! Sometimes making HSTs feels like the bane of my existence. Haha.

  5. This is quite the undertaking! I am looking forward to watching your progress!

  6. This is quite the undertaking! I am looking forward to watching your progress!

  7. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  8. Those fabrics are going to look great with that pattern.


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