Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday: April Showers and May Flowers

Since my rush of QAL sewing is over (momentarily!), I have been able to get a little work done on some of my other projects. Hooray! (Don't forget to click here to vote for what blocks will be featured next for the QAL!)

My April wall hanging has been sitting in limbo for about two weeks now. I ironed on all of the "inner" pieces and parts for the machine applique and I am going back and forth on how to decorate the border. Squares? Squares and raindrops? Just raindrops? Something else? Suggestions sought and welcomed. I think at least a few raindrops are necessary for "April Showers."

I think I am going to outline this one mainly in brown/black. While this background isn't quite as busy as my March wall hanging, the boots and umbrella need a little more setting off from the background because they are lighter colored.

Last night I traced the shapes, picked the fabrics and ironed on the center pieces and parts for my May Flowers. I had put together this backing quite a while ago (as well as it's mini counterpart from the scraps!) and it uses quite a bit of coordinating fabrics. I especially love the diagonal stripes!

This one I think I am going to go lighter on the border embellishments. The pattern for this one has three bugs and squares in the remainder of the border squares, but I think I might try to do something else with this one. Maybe curlie cues. I LOVE the fabric in this one, so I just don't want to cover it up entirely. As far as the outlining goes for this one, I might do contrasting colors to set things off and make it a little more funky. I can't usually be accused of being funky, so it'll be a new thing for me.


  1. Love these! I like the idea of using a lighter border.

  2. Everything Spring!! Love the umbrella and the use of squares for the background! Bring on the flowers, I'm ready for Spring!! Snowing here is NH again!


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