Monday, January 19, 2015

It's coming...QCQAL 2

Back by popular demand, we are hosting another Quilter's Choice Quilt Along (QCQAL) and this time the quilt will be a row quilt!

Good row quilts have a mixture of block sizes so I have designed the throw sized quilt to have 8 rows: two rows each in four different sizes: 12", 8", 6", and 4". All of the rows will be 48" long.

For the twin sized quilt, the rows will be 72" long and some of your rows will be repeated (or you can choose another block in the same size to make your additional row. The twin sized quilt will have three 12" rows, three 8" rows, two 6" rows, and three 4" rows.

Approximate Fabric Requirements:

For throw sized quilt: 2 yards background, 2 yards focus fabrics
For large twin sized quilt: 4 yards background, 4 yards focus fabrics

New rows will be posted on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.


February 16th: 12 inch row poll opens, fabric pull link up
March 2nd: 12 inch row #1 posted, 8 inch row poll opens
March 16th: 12 inch row #2 posted, 12 inch rows link up
April 6th: 8 inch row #1 posted, 6 inch row poll opens
April 20th: 8 inch row #2 posted, 8 inch rows link up
May 4th: 6 inch row #1 posted, 4 inch row poll opens
May 18th: 6 inch row #2 posted, 6 inch row link up
June 1st: 4 inch row #1 posted
June 15th: 4 inch row #2 posted, 4 inch row link up
July 6th: Sewing rows together, finished top link up

In the meantime, you can start submitting ideas to us for blocks! Click here to submit your block nominations!

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