Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August ALYoF Goal -- Bunny Quilt

I find it a little bit funny that I have yet to make a quilt with bunnies and this month I will be doing just that!

My college roommate is having a baby girl this fall and I am working on designing a pattern for a baby bunny quilt.

These are the fabrics that I pulled:

Long time visitors here at LBQ might recognize these as most of the same fabrics that I used in the Cartwheel Baby Quilt (from the pattern by Lee at Freshly Pieced) that I made in Spring 2013. I added in the yellow small medallion print and the tonal green flourish print for this time around.

My plan is to alternate between large rail fence blocks and patchy bunny blocks on solid white background (which I need to go buy!). I've just finished making all of the 10.5" rail fence blocks from 2.5" strips cut from all of my prints.

(Forgive me for the extension cord that I use when I move my sewing table in front of the TV for Netflix-sewing afternoons!)

My plan is to make checkerboard sections out of all of the scraps and then cut bunny shapes from that and then machine applique it to the background fabric. Has anyone tried appliquing patchwork like this before?


  1. Super cute colors! I love making baby girl quilts. There is so much out there to choose from.

  2. Oh your blog header is so cute! my first quilt was a bunny quilt. I still have the pattern somewhere. It was appliqué bunnies and rabbits.

  3. Your idea for (and start of) a bunny quilt looks and sounds super cute! I will be excited to see this progress.

  4. this is going to look so good with the little bunnies added. Think I am right in thinking they will be scrappy ones sounds good to me. I have yet to do applique but yesterday read about applique pressing sheets and hope to find one at the quilt show this weekend, anything to make life easier!


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