Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scrappy Monthly Wall Hangings -- Starting off and a Snowman

Have you ever seen the set of calendar wall hangings designed my Kim Schaefer?

If you follow Honey, Bunny, and Doll on Pinterest, Our Finished Projects board has the pictures of the ones that my mom made. 

Since my scrap boxes are overflowing and with no particular scrap project in mind right now, I've decided to start making my own to hang in my dining room. I decided to change up the dimensions of the squares so that the finished size will fit better between my windows. 

The original set is rather dusty/country/dull colored, so mine will be much brighter like the ones that my mom made but with my own color schemes. I started working on putting together the background squares for about half of the wall hangings with my own color schemes. 

Here's February, August, November, and December's backgrounds:

Since none of the months had a significant amount of purple and a lot of them had blue, I decided to use all purple for August, which will have bees and a beehive on it.

Here's January with the start of the snowman put on it:

I decided not to do the black background for this one and decided to go with a full snowman instead of just his head. I need to get myself some buttons for his eyes and "chest". There will be lots of satin stitching to do for this project! I need to assess my thread colors and see what I need to add. I'm trying to decide what else needs to be added to the snowman. Such difficult decisions!

Happy Thursday! 

PS. The voting for Block #12 in the QCQAL is WAY TOO CLOSE and we need everyone to keep voting!


  1. Great decision. This is such a whimsical pattern set. I have the set also and want to start off with the turkey and the snowman!

  2. this is going to look wonderful hanging on the wall at Christmas time

  3. Fun colors! It's a great way to use up scraps.


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