Friday, July 18, 2014

Not-A-Finish Friday

It's been a crazy long time since I've had a finish and an even longer time since I finished a quilt. Things around here have been a general fail zone.

I did get all of my blue batik star blocks sorted into 12 blocks and started sewing the first one.

I'm so happy with how the first one turned out! I also really like using this paper plate method for sorting my blocks ahead of time!

Silly me doesn't know how to count and I made 6 extra center square in a square blocks and about 10 extra star point squares AND THEN I cut my blue/cream/grey yardage into squares (at least 30 of them) and then I looked at my pattern and realized that I only needed 12 of them. I don't know what the kerfluffle is going on with my brain right now!

Maybe I'll have enough to make another row of blocks so all that fabric that I cut and block parts that I made won't go to waste! If worse comes to worse, they can always go on the back.

Anyone else on the struggle bus this week?


  1. Lately my days are so full, there's no time for error. I seem to do better when I have a tight schedule. Having more 'time' seems to make me procrastinate.

  2. Some days I wonder how I manage to live life without being run over, because my brain seems to go into some kind of la la land. I recently did just the opposite, pulled fabric to cut and when I was done sewing realized I had only cut about 1/2 of what I needed. And it was a small project.

  3. LOL I'm definitely on the struggle bus with you! I spent at least 1.5 hours cutting Supernova fabrics, miscut several times, and sewed up the first block wrong. Wah. Love your blue block!!

  4. That block is stunning! Yum! This week, after having spent an hour calculating fabric requirements, and another hour cutting fabric, I realized I'm 1/4 yard shy of what I need for one project and will have to go back to the store. UGH. Today, I realized I don't have nearly enough fabric for another project, and I was certain that I did. Two projects stalled by lack of fabric. Which I thought I had. That I was actually motivated to work on. Altogether, lame sauce! So yeah, I'm with you! Good luck this next week. Maybe it will be super good to compensate for the bad?

  5. block is lovely, maybe cut more of what you have not overcut and make a much bigger quilt.Confusion comes often with me but being an OAP I have an excuse!

  6. Whenever I'm cutting fabric, I'm a "check 40 thousand times before you cut once" kind of quilter. So it takes me forever to get anything cut, but it's rare that I over cut.

    Love blocks. Sounds like you've got two good options, make the quilt bigger or use the extra on the back.


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