Monday, June 2, 2014

QCQAL Block #7: Dutchman's Puzzle

This time around we are making Dutchman's Puzzle blocks!

This is a SUPER versatile block that you can color in a HUGE variety of ways. Check it out on Pinterest and be prepared to add a Dutchman's Puzzle quilt to your bucket list! The block shown above is the second simplest version of the block (the simplest being a two color block).

For my block, I chose to do a four color block (background plus three focus fabrics).

Two (2) 7 1/4 inch squares -- can be two different colors or two of the same fabric
Eight (8) total 3 7/8 inch squares -- I cut four (4) background squares and four (4) focus fabric squares.

Note about small triangles -- you will need one (1) 3 7/8 inch square for every two (2) small triangles of any particular color. If you only want a center pinwheel you'll need two colored squares and 6 background squares.

Cut each one of your 3 7/8 inch squares in half diagonally once, yielding sixteen (16) total small triangles.

Cut each one of your 7 1/4 inch squares in half diagonally twice, yielding eight (8) total large triangles.

Lay out your block. Here is one quadrant of my block (hint: each quadrant of your block is identical!)

This arrangement in each quadrant yields a block with an inner pinwheel and corners in my third fabric color.

Sew small triangles to large triangles to yield eight (8) flying geese units. Don't forget to trim your dog ears!

Lay out your block as desired and sew pairs of flying geese together.

Finally, sew your four quadrants together for your final block!


  1. thanks for this latest block , must get going on it in the next few days

  2. only me back again, looking for a pdf to download for this block bur cannot seem to find one? Like to keep the instructions in a little bunny file I have opened on my computer

  3. Thank you for sharing this great tutorial.


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