Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Hour {Double Hourglasses}

I love to strip piece and I had been stashing two mini jelly rolls in aqua and orange. My mom gave me the two that she had that were the same so I had enough to make a twin sized quilt.

I decided to use Allison's double hourglass tutorial as inspiration for these blocks and went through a pattern of sewing and cutting and sewing again until all the strips were turned into blocks!

Here's when I had finished 50 of the 80 total blocks:

Once I finished all 80 blocks I separated the blocks into 4 piles and made identical "quadrants" for the upper left lower right corners of the quilt. I've spent HOURS on some quilts making the blocks "random" and I just don't have the time or patience to do that anymore. If someone realizes that the sections repeat, I will give them a prize. 

Here's a picture with really terrible lighting:

The other two sections I put together individually without matching because it was easier to make sure that the same colors weren't next to one another or all in a cluster.

Here's 80 blocks all sewn together!

The top is the right width for a twin sized quilt but it is a touch on the short side so I will need to add a top and bottom border to get it to the correct size. 

Once this quilt is finished, I am going to donate it to the sorority I advise to raffle off to raise money for our literacy philanthropy. It's about time I put my quilting addition to good use!

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