Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting out of the box.

I mentioned previously that one of my goals this year is to continue practicing my free motion quilting. One of my other goals for this year is to continue to make projects out of my stash and vast scraps.

Friday night and Saturday I got out this bag of all of the "stubs" of the strips that I used in my Argyle quilt and started randomly piecing them together and made some scrappy slabs. 

This is really out of the box for me. I saved all these scraps because I love this fabric line. I decided that I would sash the biggest blocks together and use it as the start to my quilted sewing machine cover.

I added a few inches of brown on all four of the sides for insurance. When I measured my machine it looked like the width was perfect as is and the length was just ever so slightly too short. I figured that with a few extra inches all the way around, I can cut it down if necessary.

And yes. The sides are seriously pieced (left over from the setting triangles from the argyle quilt), but again, I'm thinking I might end up cutting all of it off, so I'm not super concerned.

The finished piece is about 24 inches wide by about 32 inches long. Right now it is all pinned and ready to be quilted (using a piece of brown from a scrap box I bought that doesn't match anything -- perfect for the inside of a sewing machine cover.)

Off to practice something other than meandering with this one. 


  1. This looks great Alison and I love to do the same thing! I'm trying this year to use any leftover blocks and scraps right away to make.....something :) Mug rugs are always fun and great to practice on.

  2. They look gorgeous.Happy quilting!

  3. What fun - and way to use every last piece!!

  4. What a great use for your scraps! A cover for my machine is on my to do list this coming month, but I haven't figured out a design yet.


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