Thursday, January 16, 2014

Churn Dash FMQ Progress

Despite (or maybe causing) the lull around here the last few days, I've made serious progress on free motion quilting my churn dash baby quilt.

Here's a progress shot:

I made the mistake of starting out quilting this one a little on the dense side for 1. my first larger FMQ project and 2. a baby quilt. I would probably be done before now had I not started making such miniature meanders. 

Right now the center four blocks are done and the outer blocks are in various stages of being done. Here's a closer up shot of the two edge blocks that are finished and then a closer up view of the block on the left.

I've learned a lot very quickly in the span of starting this:

  • Tension! I have a scrap fabric/batting/fabric sandwich that I have been testing my tension on before each time I restart stitching or if I switch bobbins. I had to take out a big ol' section because of the MASSIVE UGLY LOOPS on the back side. I just about cried.
  • Thread breaks from the spool thread. How do you prevent these from happening? I figured out how to cover them up slightly but they make me sad!
  • I'm very thankful that my machine has a needle up/needle down option. Hallelujah!
  • At first, it was hard for me to quilt in the very light areas with the white thread. I got more used to it, but I understand why contrasting thread is often used!
  • I'm proud to say there are ZERO puckers/folds on the back thus far. After I got the center blocks quilted, I laid it out on the floor and readjusted all of my pins. The backing might not be perfectly centered anymore, but I definitely would rather have zero back puckers.
  • It didn't take me long to find a good quilting groove. There are still lots of imperfect places, but I'm really happy with everything thus far.
Hopefully I can finish up the quilting and get the binding on this weekend! (Edit: this is finished! See it here!

Happy Thursday to you!

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  1. what a sweet looking quilt. congratulations on being pucker free ;-)

  2. You might double-check the size of your needle. Maybe this will help with the thread breaking. Good job! (Those are SMALL meanderings!)

  3. Looks great!! It seems that these problems just go along with the quilting. or with me

  4. Oh! it's looking fantastic. Thanks for listing your lesson's learned.. it helps me.

  5. It looks great, but wow, that is some tiny meandorings!

  6. Holy smoke, that is some tiny FMQ scale! Looks very cool though. :) Isn't Churn Dash great? I made one for my grandma for Christmas, and last night I whipped up a giant Churn Dash for a baby quilt as well. It's about as traditional as you can get, but for some reason, I just love it--maybe because it's pretty easy. ;)

  7. WOW! Tiny FMQ! Lovely quilt. I can't live without my needle UP/DOWN!

  8. Ooh - I love the churn dashes in those colors!

  9. Great quilt and great FMQ. Now you're a profi-stippler ;-)

  10. What a great looking quilt, and in my opinion you can't overquilt a baby quilt. You want them to drag it around when they are little, and wrap their game consoles in it when they leave home.

  11. I was playing with Churn Dash blocks this week too :)


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