Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quilted Uncle Sam

This project has come together so fast!

Today I did all of the machine quilting for my Uncle Sam wall hanging. I ended up doing echo quilting around Sam and all of the stars and echo quilting inside the red zig-zag border and the blue banded border.

Here's the whole thing with the binding stitched on the front for me to hand stitch later tonight:

Here's a close up of the two inner borders:

Here's a picture of the back on one of the corners:

Here's the backing (yay for pieced backings and using stuff from your stash!) with the hanging sleeve sewed on.

Thanks for all the input, ladies!

(Also, this is a little ways off, but I'll be looking for a few guest posters between October 10th-October 20th while I'm off getting married and honeymooning. So think on it for a while and I'll put a "formal" call out in a few weeks!)


  1. Looks great! Glad you went with the echoes :) I'd love to guest post - what kinds of topics are you looking for?

  2. So cute. My pattern arrived today. It is now in the queue for sewing. I have quite a few things going right now, though. I'll be posting about it.

  3. Lovely. Stars are one of my most favorite things in quilting. Nice to have a seasonal wall hanging that you made.

  4. This is very cool! I love all of the different colors, textures, & design. It's really detailed, but doesn't take away from Uncle Sam! Nice!!!

  5. Who doesn't love Uncle Sam? Looking really good.

  6. How big is this? Or putting it another way... how tiny are those pinwheels? You are so on the ball get decorations ready for next 4th of July ;)

  7. You did a lovely job with your quilting! =)

  8. Hi, visiting from Lets Get Acquainted... Cute wall hanging! Those pieces must be pretty small! Great job on the quilting :o)


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