Saturday, April 13, 2013

Treat Yo' Self!

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the winners for March in the Lovely Year of Finishes!

I won a $15 gift certificate to Contemporary Cloth!

I was shocked and so excited! I decided to treat myself and get a jelly roll of Architextures, because I've been loving all of the projects that everyone else has been making with this line!

It arrived last night and it will be continuously ogled until I decide on a project for it. I might just leave it on my end table until then because it is so pretty.

(And if you don't watch Parks and Recreation, which you should, this video explains a little bit about treating yo' self.)


  1. Congrats!!! You are going have you some FUN with this awesomeness!!!!

  2. I love Parks and Rec! I always mutter that to myself when I am buying fabric. Architextures is basically my favorite fabric line right now. I can not get enough of those ledger prints... Good treat choice.


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