Thursday, March 28, 2013

NuBees Quilt Top

While my mom was here two weeks ago, we drug out and looked at a bunch of my projects and she helped me lay out all of my blocks from my NuBees swap that I did over the summer and fall.

I finished sewing the blocks in rows while she was here and finished sewing the rows together last night.

Here is the top all sewn together:

The blocks are all 12.5" blocks and the sashings are 2.5" strips cut from a huge chunk of Zipang fabric that I got on sale a year ago at Christmastime that was the inspiration for these blocks.

I decided to also do a pieced back for this one out of the rest of the sashing fabric and a number of other small cuts of fabric in my stash. This pieced back is much simpler than the one I made previously, but it's such a good feeling to not have to purchase additional fabric to finish this one!

If you can't tell the back is NOT squared up right now. I didn't figure it made a difference until after it was quilted, anyways.

Also, I'm all set up for anyone to follow me on BlogLovin' now! There's a button on the sidebar and if you're still in Google Reader, apparently its really easy to transfer from one to the other. I always just use Blogger so I'm not super affected by the demise of Google Reader.

Have a Hoppy Easter weekend all!

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