Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Stitch by Stitch

I have not been very productive as of late, which is rather depressing. I did hem a pair of pants for a lab mate, but even that was done somewhat jank-ily.

The one thing that I have been working on (finally!) is the hand quilting on Park Ranger Boyfriend's Civil War quilt. It's going slowly, because there really isn't another way to hand quilt, is there? Maybe its just me?

Either way, slow progress is better than zero progress. I made up this handy dandy little picture-tracker-thingy in MS Powerpoint to show what I've gotten done. I'm very proud of myself. Until I realize how little I have done at this point. Yikes.

And in other news, less than one week until I get to go to see Park Ranger Boyfriend and from there GO HOME!!! Hoooooooooray. This girl needs a break.

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  1. Keep plugging away Alison, you'll get there :)

  2. The picture tracking thingy is a great tool! And yeah to having a break!


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