Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted! (and make some cupcakes)

Plum and JuneTo those of you visiting from Plum and June's Let's Get Aquainted Blog Hop, welcome!

I started Little Bunny Quilts a year ago to share my quilting progress and ideas. I've had a needle and thread in my hand since I was 6 or 7, started quilting in high school, and have gotten full force into sewing and quilting since the start of 2011. Did I mention that I'm also a full-time PhD candidate in chemistry? I'm kind of a busy girl.

Here are some of the things I've made in the last year and a half (other than the teacup quilt which you can vote for in this week's Quilting Gallery contest!)

1. Nubees Blocks - August 2. Cheery Quilt 3. Christmas Napkins
4. Batik Placemats 5. Nubee's Block  - July 6. Snowflake Quilt
7. Seville Quilt 8. Mystery Quilt 9. Teacup quilt 
Favorite Quilting Tip: Iron, iron, iron! And do the math before you start cutting.

Favorite Blogging Tip: Be yourself! If a quilting blog makes me laugh, I automatically follow it.

Favorite craft book: Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett

Favorite Books: Harry Potter series and classic literature.

Favorite Quilting Tool: My rotary cutter, it was the best use of Christmas money ever.

Favorite TV show while quilting: I usually have Netflix playing on my laptop. I watch all kinds of movies and shows, but I love Parks and Recreation.

Binding: Hand or machine? I've never actually done machine binding. I really love hand stitching bindings.

And a quick shout out to Jennie who designed my blog! I won her contest for a blog redesign for a while back and she was so wonderful to work with.

Onto the important part:

Cupcake Coasters

You will need:
Batting Scraps
Focus fabric for front
Backing fabric
Binding Fabric (approximately 18-20 inches in length per coaster)

For each coaster cut:
One 4" square for your front
One 5" square for your back (precut squares make things very easy!)

Layer your front square, batting (I used batting scraps cut at 5 inches across and trimmed them once quilting was done), and your backing square together. Quilt as desired. (I quilted mine with straight lines approximately a quarter of an inch apart.) Trim off excess binding.

Sew on binding as desired. Ta da! Maybe even put some cupcakes on your cupcake coasters.

Here's another set that I whipped up in less than an hour for a gift:

Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to visit Cathy over at Blueberry Patch!


  1. cute project and I love the tea cup quilt!

  2. I like your coasters - and your mosaic is very impressive:-) Nice to meet you through the hop.

  3. Hi Alison, nice to meet you. Great tutorial. I love the cupcake frabric.

  4. It's nice to meet you! The girl who taught me to quilt is also a full time chemistry PhD student, so it made me laugh to know there are more than one of you out there who also quilt to cope! :)

    I found some cupcake fabric a few months back, and the cupcakes had faces, and some of them looked really angry. It cracked me up, but I kept thinking, what would I use this for? And I didn't buy any. Now I'm kicking myself because, hello! I could have had angry cupcake coasters! Sadly, I don't remember the fabric line. But maybe I'll stumble across it again? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello - its nice to *meet* you on the blog hop.
    I am going through a making coasters phase at the moment.
    Great tute.
    Hope you will hop on over to my blog if you have time.
    Kind regards

  6. Great to learn more about you. The cupcake coasters are adorable.

  7. Lovely to meet you! Cute cupcake coasters!

  8. So nice to meet you, Alison. You have some beautiful finishes in that mosaic. Sewing keeps me sane too, so I'm right there with you. :) Great little coasters there too!

  9. I remember instantly following your blog when I saw that you were a PhD student too. :) Gotta do something to stay sane(ish) don't we?

    You have fantastic taste in both books and TV shows.

  10. I'm a few days late on the Plum and June blog hop but it is good to meet you. Those coasters are darling!

  11. Those coasters are adorable! What a great gift idea, and I love how they can be accomplished so quick! Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. It was nice to meet you and those are really cute coasters! Your new blog header is really cute, too!

  13. Lots of beautiful projects there! I'm amazed at how much you fit in while studing :)

    Sweet little coasters too. As for that teacup quilt... love!

  14. Nice to meet you! It always amazes me how busy so many quilters are, how do you find the time? The coasters are very cute, and it's such a lovely idea for a gift too.

  15. Great gift idea and tutorial, I was already following your blog but it's good to find out more about you today :)

  16. Very cute! It's nice to get to know you - it makes total sense that quilting would be a great hobby for a grad students and stay at home mothers (those two jobs are not actually dissimilar), a great outlet for creativity and productivity.

  17. These are super cute!! Just like the maker.. You are also a graduate student! We have two things in common! Just became your follower...

  18. Catching up on the blog hop.... nice to know more about you... so impressive that you are quilting while going to graduate school - terrific! I can totally relate to the idea of quilting keeping one sane!

  19. Really cute coasters! I'm catching up on the hop too - nice to 'meet' you!


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