Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scrap Management

I've been working on trying to reorganize some of my fabric and scraps and use them productively.

I've been cutting my small pieces into 2.5" strips and squares, 2" squares for mom's scrap quilts, 1.5" strips for mom, and 1.25" strips and squares for me.

I've been using some of my 2.5" strips and squares to make these scrappy baskets from the Scrap Basket Sensations book.

How do you organize your scraps?


  1. I use Bonnie Hunter's method as she explains on her Quiltville blog under the Tips tab at the top of her blog.

  2. Love your scrappy baskets! I haven't yet tackled my scraps although the time has come :) I love Amanda Jean's and Cheryl's Sunday Morning Quilts...great resource for scrap management!!

  3. Organize scraps? What? I give them to a pal who loves scraps, she gets the sweetest grin when I hand her a bagful :-) Love those blocks, it's different than any I've seen, so pretty.

  4. organized! yippee:):):) right up my alley...great baskets!!

  5. Oh, those are pretty blocks! And we use the "Cut The Scraps" method for organizing our scraps - 2', 3.5", and 5" blocks, and tons of patterns to work with those sizes. Still haven't made a dent in those scrap tubs, though!!!

  6. Well I'm going to follow this post as I am in this situation! I am collecting the scraps, have them cut to 2,1/2 sqs/stps. Also 3,1/2 sqs/stps. I don't like t he small scrappy quilts..just to cluttered for me, but I like your basket where you said you used the small now I know there is more a use for them besides the "postage stamp" pattern! Still have a few quilts to finish for Christmas, but next year... I will start on a scrappy quilt and I am an organized I have to have them organized!


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