Monday, July 2, 2012

Finish-A-Long Quarter Wrap Up

In case you missed it, Rhonda over at Quilter in the Gap is hosting a quarter-by-quarter Finish-Along and the second quarter just ended. This was my list for this quarter, and I updated it to show what I actually got finished.

2012 Finish-A-Long

1. X-quilt FINISHED
This one just needed binding, and I got that done lickety split once I picked it up from Michigan.

2. Mystery Quilt FINISHED
Same as above, just had to finish the binding!

3. Snowflake quilt Almost finished.
Top was done at the beginning of the quarter, it is now quilted, the binding is sewn on, and I just need to do the hand stitching.

4. Seville Quilt Nearly finished.
The top was finished at the beginning of the quarter, it is now quilted, but it needs all of its binding done.

5. Shoes Sorta Finished
I did find the border for this one and I did end up finishing the top. This one needs quilting, finishing, binding.

6. Civil war quilt
I finally found and bought the fabric that I wanted to use for borders and sashings, but nothing is sewn together yet.

7. Railroad Quilt FAILURE
I made zero progress on this one. It bums me out.

Stop by tomorrow for my third quarter Finish-A-Long goals!

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