Thursday, January 5, 2012

Civil War Blocks 40-49

Now that I am FINALLY done appliqueing #40, I can show off more of these!

40. Order Number 11

Applique. Slows. Me. Down. Even though I enjoy it sometimes.

41. Red, White, and Blue Quilt

I didn't even think about what the name of this block was until just now and realized mine is blue and white only. Oh well.

42. H is for Hospital

Yay for using more small pieces!

43. Right Hand of Friendship

44. Union

45. Port and Starboard

46. Apple Tree

This one I modified the suggested color layout to look more apple tree-like.

47. Dixie Tea

Classic leaf pattern, I used incrementally darker fabrics as you go from tip to stem.

48. West Virginia

Confession: I hate using templates, so I just figure out a way to rotary cut things instead and trim if at all possible.

49. Yankee Puzzle

I'm getting so close to getting all of these done!

Happy Thursday!

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