Monday, December 12, 2011

Civil War Blocks 1 and 2

Sunday, I started from block #1 from Barbara Brackman's sesquicentennial Civil War Quilt Blog. I intended to do one or two or three blocks, but I ended up doing 10.

While I was home over Thanksgiving, I went through the scrap bin of glory and picked out a bunch of fabrics that I thought would work well in a Civil War-style quilt. I mostly picked things that were the right styles of prints (or close enough if I liked them a lot).

This project is awesome/addictive: it is super easy to get to a "stopping point". Lots of projects get put by the wayside because you get to a point that makes you say "ugh. I have to iron 288 half square triangles" or "blech. I have to sew sashings to match up to the 8 star points for 12 blocks." Maybe that's just me.

For this, I just looked at the block, picked out a stack of fabrics I thought looked good together, and cut the pieces for that block. Not a ton of any one thing at at time.

And they go together so fast! This is probably why I got so many done. It definitely has nothing to do with how much of a professional procrastinator I have become in the last 6 months. Grad school does terrible things to your brain. Seriously.

But you get that high of "I-got-a-block-done-now-I-need-to-start-another" and then you've done 10 of them but maybe that's just me and because I didn't start this thing until nearly all of the blocks had already been published. And now I'm a really big fan of some of the blocks and want to make entire quilts out of some of them. More projects to put on the quilting bucket list.

I started making the blocks in order and so that's how I will show them off, with a few each day this week.

#1. Catch Me If You Can

This block would make an awesome scrap quilt and went together rather easily.

#2. North Star

Paisley is one of my absolute favorites, so I am going to use as much as possible in this quilt.

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