Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meadow Mystery {October}

This month I got my "assignment" done early!

This month we made half hourglass units and full hourglass units. Three "flavors" of half hourglass units, one "flavor" of full hourglass units.

For those of you who are also playing along, my dark teal ziggy stripe is my Fabric B, the pansy print is my Fabric C, the purple floral is Fabric D, and the pink dot is my Fabric E/background.

Here are my units for this month:

Unlike last month, where we put together a whole block from the units we had made, we just made sub-units this month. I continue to be very happy with my color choices, and surprisingly pleased with the contrast between my fabrics. Of course, I still have lots of unused pieces left in my box, so we will continue to see how this quilt evolves!

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  1. I love getting to see everyone's fabric combinations. Yours are so light and fun. :)

  2. Very fun color scheme. I'm still working on my parts and pieces for this month's clue.

  3. I like all your fabric choices, especially your background, lovely fabrics. I'm so enjoying this mystery quilt.