Sunday, September 8, 2013

Daily Craft TV -- check, check it out!

Back today with another review!

I was able to sample a video class from Daily Craft TV and I chose "Creative Tips for Stunning Quilting Designs."

One of the nice things about a number of these videos is that they sample a number of different topics in one "lesson." Some of the other videos are about just one technique, but I decided to chose one with a variety of topics.

This lesson talked about

  • Quilt Labels: I've never done a label on many of my quilts (GASP!) and the technique described in this section of the video would be so quick and easy!
  • Crazy Quilts: Not something I'm super interested in, but the examples shown in the video are very pretty!
  • Simple Designs: This one makes some good points about starting to do "quilt math" yourself, which I think intimidates a lot of people from designing their own quilts. The demonstration of how just adding stitch-and-flip triangles to squares changes the look of a block shows you how simple blocks can be manipulated to make dozens and dozens of different designs. This segment was my favorite by far and I could go on and on and on about it, but you should probably just watch it yourself! 
  • Bias Strip Triangle Squares: This is SO CLEVER and would save a lot of time. I'm going to try this the next time I have to make a lot of triangle squares. It would have been nice (or slightly easier to follow) if the example had just used two contrasting colors rather than two colors with multiple prints of each one, but the concept was the same none the less.
  • Tetrad color schemes: Combining colors isn't something many do on their own; most of us stick with combining fabrics from the same lines -- so the work is done for us! Most of the time I end up sticking with 3 color quilts, but going with 4 colors would be a fun challenge.
  • Sewing Machine Needles: How often do you change your needle? I am definitely not changing mine enough and was surprised with how short they should be changed! Speaking of that, we should all go change our needles right now. So much more to think about with needles other than that they are a necessary part of our machines.
  • No Piece Drunkards Path -- Um, sign me up!
All of this in ONE lesson. That you can watch over and over again. I'd be interested in trying out one of the lessons that would be a pattern for an entire quilt, if I picked another one.

Check out all the lessons here and have a wonderful week!


  1. When I took the My First Quilt Class at my LQS the instructor said to change the needle at the beginning of every project (assuming we did one quilt start to finish). I believed her and this has been my routine for the last two years. Now she also said to change rotary blades every ______, I can't remember but I must admit to failing on this one!

  2. Thanks for the Daily Craft TV link. I've been noticing ads about that site but have not checked it out till now. Looks very interesting.


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