Monday, April 23, 2012

Lucky Girl

Needless to say, life is still crazy. But only three more days until this is (hopefully) all over.

Thank you to you all for your lovely comments on the last post! I sincerely appreciate them!

On Saturday, I received TWO care packages. One from my mom:

...with a bag of scraps and a pile of patterns that she got two copies of when she and my sister went on a shop-hop in March. And of course Peeps because Peeps and Baja Blast Mountain Dew are my two weaknesses.

And one from my lovely friend Lauren, who was a chemistry major with me at Hillsdale (where I went to undergrad) who is now in graduate school at Texas A&M:

I really wanted to wear the Aggies shirt today, but it was snowing and I am pretty sure it didn't get over 40 degrees today. So sad!

So despite all of the crazy, I am a very lucky girl!


  1. What great care packages! I love getting stuff like that in the mail.

  2. How nice to get care packages when you need them most! I, too, am working on my PhD, so I can relate. I hope everything goes well for you, and that you can get back to sewing soon!


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