Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stuck in a rut.

I'm undeniably in a sewing rut as of late.

I am making a serious effort to completely finish projects (or at least get the top completely done to get sent to the quilter) before starting a new one.

I did finish up my snowflakes, and that is a big accomplishment, but I was briefly toying with the idea of doing a pieced back. This quilt is mainly going to be a wall-hanging, so a fancy back might not be worth the work.

But at the same time, using up the rest of that fabric might be a good plan. However, most of the pieces are rather small, and it may not even be enough to make a pieced back. So that's a project in and of itself.

But what's really slowing me down is this Seville quilt. And grad school, but let's just focus on the quilt.

I've been sewing together two rows at a time and every row has ended up trapezoidal.

And so I get discouraged and don't want to work on it.

But like I said, I'm really making an effort to not take on new projects until I complete works in progress. Most of this is the harassment that I get from my sister who has the self control to only have one project in progress at at time.

But maybe what will get me out of this rut is a new project? Or finally ordering the fabric to finish my Civil War quilt for Park Ranger Boyfriend?

If I do start a new project it is going to be this "If the shoe fits" pattern from Sandy Gervais with a Hushabye layer cake that I got on sale when I was home over Christmas.

Do you ever get in a sewing rut? If so, how do you get out of it?


  1. I like 'If The Shoe Fits' I did one like it a few years back..called 'Stepping Out' but the shoes are nicer in this one.

  2. I think the shoe quilt is loveliness! You should go for it. I keep a list of projects that I'm working on, on a clipboard on the fridge. I try to work a little bit on a different project every day - that helps with the "ruts". Starting something new & still making time to work on the other projects also helps me to keep things fresh without getting too far behind. Have a super day!


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